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Case 850LWT Dozer

Case 850LWT Dozer
The CASE 850L crawler dozer is top of the line in terms of operator comfort and serviceability. Built with more power and torque, this durable machine increases productive time running the machine and lessens time maintaining it, saving you money in the long haul. The combination of 10 speed settings with infinitely variable steering on the 850L provides maximum maneuverability and counter rotation.
Key Features
Serious muscle and efficiency is delivered from the six-cylinder, Case Family 4 Tier III-certified engine. Each track gets individual power delivered through beefy drive motors via the hydrostatic PowerStat drivetrain. And for optimum control and breakout force, the high-performance blade hydraulics feature large pump cylinders, while nearly any soil condition can be met with the adjustable blade pitch. Three track options provide maximum versatility and include Long Track (LT), Wide Track (WT) and Low Ground Pressure (LGP).
Meet current environmental standards and consume less fuel with Tier III-certified engines.
Maximum comfort is provided by the luxurious cabin, while visibility of the blade is optimized by the narrow modular dashboard.
Rocks, dirt and debris are kept out of the undercarriage due to the sloping track frame. And daily maintenance is simple with the tilt-over operator platform for convenient access to the drivetrain, along with swing-out service panels and spin-on filters.

John Deere 450J Dozer

John Deere 450J Dozer
Often imitated but never duplicated, the John Deere 450J Dozer continues to set the standard for operator control and productivity. Backed by 30-plus years of hydrostatic experience, its unique state-of-the-art Total Machine Control (TMC) enables an operator to customize machine operation and response to personal preferences. Coupled with an uncommonly smooth full-feature hydrostatic transmission, the 450J delivers unsurpassed productivity, uptime, and daily operating costs. That’s for starters.

Interim Tier 4 emission-certified engine.
Fully modulated drivetrain.
Optional Integrated Grade Control (IGC).

John Deere 650 Dozer

John Deere 650 Dozer
Key Features
Best-in-class 360 degree visibility.
Sealed-switch module for fingertip control.
Hydraulically-driven cooling fan for fuel efficiency and quiet operation.
Best-in-class access to service and maintenance points for maximum uptime.

John Deere 650K Crawler Dozer

John Deere 650K Crawler Dozer


Features and Specs

  • 4.5L Interim Tier 4 (IT4)-certified engine
  • Hydrostatic drivetrain with Total Machine Control (TMC)
  • Heavy-duty Deere Dura-Trax™ undercarriage (XLT and LGP configurations)
  • JDLink™ Ultimate
Engine Power75 kW (101 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Base Weight8890–9355 kg (19,599–20,624 lb.)
Track on Ground2337 mm (92 in.)
Blade Width Range2667–3251 mm (105–128 in.)