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Airman PDS185S Air Compressor

 Equipment Description

With a compact structure and lower noise emission, this unit is destined to deliver excellent performance and easy maintenance.

Allmand Night-Lite Pro II

Key Features

ENGINE: Kohler KDW 1003 T4F 11.5 hp | 7.5 kW generator


STARTING: 12 volt electric; glow plug cold starting system

FUEL CAPACITY: 30 gallon (114L)

OPERATING TIME: Up to 65 hrs without refueling

LIGHTING: 4-1250 watt SHO-HD metal halide fixtures (standard) SLS™ Sequenced Light System™

TOWER: 25 ft., six-section (7.62 m) hydraulically actuated tower & Power cable encased in Nycoil™ flexible tubing


  • Formed, welded steel frame
  • Adjustable height combination 2 in. (50 mm) ball, 3 in. (75 mm) pintle towing hitch
  • Gull-wing style, lockable molded poly lift-up access doors
  • Stop / turn / tail lights
  • Forklift pockets and lifting eye
  • Tie down rings
  • Fluid containment system with external oil drain

STABILIZERS: Four-point design | Remains operational in wind gusts up to 65 mph (105 kph)





Barreto 918 Tiller

DESIGNAll hydraulic means easy maintenance, no downtime and the most efficient use of your horsepower to get the job done. Till effectively in small spaces. The open design provides easy access to the hydraulics when maintaining or repairing. The unique swivel handlebar featured on this compact unit means you can walk alongside your tiller rather than in your freshly tilled earth. The heavy design means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around. Counter-rotating tines break up the most difficult soil, clay or sod. Wheels and tines work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions.CONTROLSThe operator friendly controls couldn’t be easier: one handle to set the tine drive and one to adjust the wheel drive. Just engage the clutch lever, use the variable speed drive to adjust the ground speed and engage the tines when you are ready to till. If you need to stop for a moment, just drop the clutch and the tines and wheels will stop, leaving your engine running and ready to pick up where you left off.ROIWith no belts, chains or gears to mess with, the maintenance is minimal. A simplified control valve at the handlebar further reduces moving parts. The hydraulic motor is recessed into the outside of the frame for easy accessibility and removal. Ball bearing support on each end of the tine shaft allows the motor to be removed for service by simply removing two bolts. A tiller that’s down produces no revenue: by choosing hydraulics, you’ll increase utilization and minimize maintenance costs, improving your bottom line.
Key Features
– Pivoting handlebar allows closer tilling along houses or fencelines
– Free-wheeling hubs unlock to transport the tiller without starting the engine
– Counter-rotating tines cut through sod and hard packed soil
– Hydraulics are easily accessed for maintenance and repair
– Simple controls are easy to learn and easy to operate

BilJax 4527A Towable Boomlift

 Equipment Description

The perfect boomlift for access on the move! Hydraulic outriggers and automatic leveling allow operation in under 30 seconds. Additionally, a superior combination of industry leading capacity and outreach add to this boomlift’s ability to be towed by a standard half-ton pickup truck making it the most efficient piece of equipment on your jobsite.

Key Features

Working height: 51 ft
Platform height: 45 ft
Horizontal outreach: 27 ft
Maximum lift capacity: 500 lb
Platform size: 4 ft x 2 ft 6 in
Length: 19 ft 6 in
Width: 5 ft 6 in
Width – stabilized: 11 ft 4 in
Height – transport: 6 ft 5 in
Platform rotation: 120 °
Gradeability: 12.5%
Tires: 225 R16
Power Source: 4 x 6 V 245 Amph
Weight: 4,200 lb

Bobcat E32 Excavator

Part of the Bobcat® M-Series of compact excavators or trackhoes (also known as mini excavators or trackhoes), the E32 is a conventional tail swing model. The E32, which is narrower than the E35, is ideal if you frequently work around width restrictions such as doors or gates. Like all M-Series models, the E32 offers top digging performance with advanced hydraulics and top operator comfort. Stay comfortable in a quieter cab that reduces sound levels by more than 50%. Bobcat engineers and manufactures its own attachments to help you accomplish even more.

Bobcat S150 Wheeled Skidsteer

 Equipment Description

The Bobcat S150 Skidsteer has the unmatched power to help you complete any job. Don’t let the compact size fool you. This piece of equipment has a loader with an operating load rating of 1500 lbs. and a tipping load of 3101 lbs. Small, but efficient, this skidsteer is packed with the features that will be the perfect addition to any job site.

Bobcat S175 Loader

The S175 is the beginning of the vertical lift path line up. This entry level machine is very maneuverable in tight areas, has ample auxiliary hydraulic flow to run the majority of attachments, and has excellent reach at the top of its lift cycle for loading trucks or pallet fork applications. Great all around visibility, plus easy maneuverability in tight areas and fast cycle times add to your productivity.

Bobcat S530 Loader

As the first machine in the vertical path line up, the Bobcat® S530 skid-steer loader is ideal for working in tight areas where reach at the top of the lift cycle is needed. Load materials into a truck bed or use in pallet fork applications, plus enjoy all the other benefits of an M-Series loader.

Bobcat T190 Loader

Equipment Description

The T190 Loader is perfect for lift and carry jobs in addition to loading trucks. This easy-to-maneuver piece of machinery helps any job get done quick and safely.

Bobcat T590 Track Skidsteer

With the highest lifting height in the 500 platform, the Bobcat® T590 compact track loader is ideal for loading and unloading tasks.The vertical lift T590 is ideal for tasks where space is limited but the need for maximum lift height is necessary.

Bomag 120AD Roller

Bomag 120AD Roller
Fields of application: Earthwork and asphalt applications. New construction and repair work for medium and small scale construction projects, on parking lots, sidewalks, cycle paths, playing fields and sports grounds as well as rolling of joints in road construction.

Bomag BMP8500 Roller

Bomag BMP8500 Roller

Bomag BW177PDH Roller

Fields of application: Heavy duty compaction on thick fill layers. D-series models are suitable for the compaction of hydraulically bound material, sand, gravel, crushed rock, semi-cohesive soils and rock.

Broce RJ350 Sweeper

Broce RJ350 Sweeper


The 350 is the original Broce Broom, and still the most popular sweeper in the world. The mid-mounted hydraulic powered brush provides excellent visibility and efficiently moves material. On top of that, the 350 offers excellent standard equipment and an impressive list of additional options.


The standard equipment on the 350 alone makes for a machine that can tackle a variety of jobs. From the full 8′ wafer based brush to the easy operation controls, this machine was designed with efficiency in mind.

  • Certfied roll Over Structure and Canopy complies with ISO3471
  • Main Frame – all Welded 6” Channel
  • Heavy Structural Steel with Gussets at Stress Points
  • 6” rectangular tubing – Front and rear Bumpers
  • Front Fenders are Standard Equipment on Some Con gurations
  • Weight (standard unit) – 5,000 lbs.
  • Overall length – 14’ 4”
  • Overall Width for Transport – 8’ 2”
  • Overall Height – 8’ 6”
  • Inside Turning radius – 13’
  • Brakes – Equipped with Dual Master Cylinder, Four Wheel Hydraulic Self adjusting on rear and Disc on Front, and Mechanical Parking Brake
  • Brush Core – 8’ all Steel Welded Construction • Brush Filler – 10” x 32” Wafers – Prostran
  • Sweeping Width – 8’
  • Brush Drive – Direct Drive Motor
    enclosed in Core, 192 rPM under load
  • Core Cover – 140 degrees 14 Gauge Steel with rock De ector
  • Swing Frame – Mounted on 10 Heavy Duty Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Sweeping angle – 45 degrees left or right
  • Broom Controls – Single lever Joystick Control Valve w/adjustable Down Pressure and Float Position
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity – 27 US Gallons w/100 Mesh Suction Strainer
  • Operating Pressure – 3,000 PSI
  • Pump Capacity – 26 GPM at 2400 rPM
  • Filter – Two 10 Micron replaceable Element (suction and return)
  • Fuel Capacity – 27 US Gallons
  • Front axle – Heavy Duty Oscillating w/Disc Brakes
  • rear axle – Dana Heavy Duty Truck Type w/Drum Brakes
  • Wheels – 6 x 16 – 6 Bolt on 5 1/2 Centers
  • Tires – lT225X75X 16 load range E
  • Steering – Orbital Type Power Steering
  • Padded Seat with arm rest and Seat Belts Complies with ISO 6683
  • Cross-link Electricial Wiring Complies with SaE J-1128
  • Instruments and Controls – Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Volt Meter,
    Tachometer, Hour Meter, Fuel Gauge, Reverse Alarm, Rear View Mirror, Controls for Broom Drive, Core angling, Core Height, Electric Core lock, Engine Throttle, Brakes, Directional Control, Parking Brake with Engaging light, Traffic Horn
  • Transmission – Hydrostatic Pump and Motor coupled to a 2-Speed Gearbox with Neutral Shift for Towing. low Gear 13 MPH, High Gear 34 MPH
  • Air Cleaner – Donaldson Dual Element Type with Precleaner
    Engine Options: Model
    rCT–350 2.8 Turbocharged Cummins Diesel, 74 HP @2500-Tier 4 Final Cr–350 4.4 Turbocharged Caterpillar Diesel, 4 Cylinder, 82 HP @2200 Kr–350 3.62 Turbocharged Kubota Diesel, 4 Cylinder, 74 HP @2400


Case 580N Backhoe

The 580N offers superior performance on both the backhoe and loader side of the machine. With excellent breakout forces and outstanding reach, this model is a great addition to any fleet. The 580N increases operator productivity by retaining material during the dump cycle. To help reduce material spillage during roading, equip the machine with the Ride Control or Auto-Ride Control (4WD ONLY) options. Operators can also customize their forward/reverse transitions on the Powershift S-Type transmission with the industry-exclusive SmartClutch modulation. The side mounted, high intensity flex lights allow operators superior jobsite visibility for when late night operation is necessary.

Case CX210C Excavator


Three power modes located on the CASE CX210C excavator allow you to choose the best mix of power and fuel efficiency to get your job done quickly and effectively. Productivity enhancements include a larger operator space, large color monitors with camera view, cab noise reduction and increased operator visibility. CEGR technology is used in the CX210C to reach Tier 4 emissions regulations providing both efficiency and convenience.


Power and efficiency are optimized by advanced technologies including the unique CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System that helps manage the engine and hydraulics. Efficiency is further enhanced by the three power modes: (SP: Speed priority, H: Heavy duty, A: Automatic) to meet the demands of the job at hand. And performance is maximized with 6.4 percent greater lift capacity and three percent faster cycle times — allowing you to fill up six more trucks every shift. And transportation between jobsites is made easy with the narrow version undercarriage configuration.

Up to four percent better fuel efficiency and faster response times are made possible by the new, interim Tier 4 engine with CEGR technology and diesel particulate filter.

Operator comfort and productivity is enhanced with increased cab space and improved air flow and air conditioning. Automotive level sound dampening of 70 dba is achieved with best-in-class soundproofing, while fuel consumption and images from the rear view are visible on the new 7-inch control monitor display.

Best-in-class 500-hour engine oil change interval, and 1000-hour linkage pin grease interval reduces costs and service time. Maintenance is easy with wide-open panels for easy access to service points, ground level access to grouped lubrication points, along with quick-change filters and simple gauges for daily service checks.